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Police arrest 12 in gold smuggling, transaction reaches Rs. 1.96 b.

The Nepal Weekly
July 11, 2023

Nepal Police have arrested 12 people involved in illegally bringing in a huge cache of gold from abroad. The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has nabbed 12 people, including 5 who returned from foreign employment in Qatar.

According to the police, the gold belonging to Shivasundar Raut, the owner of Siraha’s Ritesh General Store, was smuggled by migrant workers from Qatar Shivasundar has been known as one who has been mobilising foreign employees to smuggle gold for a long time. Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office Chief SSP Manoj KC has revealed that transactions of Rs 1.96 billion have been seen in his account since 2019.

In a press conference on Monday, the Police made public Shivasundar Raut in Siraha. and Binod Kumar Shah, who is running the B Himalayan Spire Hotel in Sinamangal.

According to the Police, of the late 828 grams of gold were seized from 5 people, which are said to be smuggled through Tribhuwan International Airport in a small quantity from abroad. Among the arrested are Dhanusha’s Sunil Kumar Mahara, Naresh Pajinyar, Siraha’s Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Kapilvastu’s Santu Gulam Murau and Banke’s Bhum Bahadur Wali. Along with Binod, Sanju Kumari Shah, Durga Prasad Yadav and Devananda Shah were also arrested while collecting the gold.

Similarly, the police have also arrested Mohan Kumar Yadav from Siraha. He was revealed to be depositing and withdrawing money from Shivasundar Raut’s account. The police have initiated further investigations into the matter.