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Government aims to promote domestic

The Nepal Weekly
July 5, 2023

vegetables, fruits producers: Finance Minister

Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said imports of vegetables and fruits will be discouraged to promote small producers within the country. 

Addressing the Parliament Sunday responding to concerns raised by Lawmakers during the deliberations on the Finance Bill-2080 BS in the House of Representatives, Minister Mahat said the government was serious about the reports of influence of middlepersons in the supply chain of domestic produces, preventing producers from getting appropriate prices for the productions. He made it clear that VAT is exempt in the transportation of produces of small farmers to the market. “The policy of promoting small-scale fruits and vegetable productions is to encourage small farmers,” claimed Mahat. The budget envisaged the concept of promoting domestic tourism industry by implementing tax for Nepali going for abroad tourism, the Minister added.