February 22, 2024, Thursday
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Nepal ranks first in deploying many women in peacekeeping missions 

The Nepal Weekly
June 27, 2023

Nepal has risen to the first place among the countries that send the most women to UN peacekeeping missions. This historic achievement has also been praised by the United Nations. Currently, 651 women from Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force are deployed for peacekeeping in different countries. 601 from the Nepali Army, 14 from the Nepal Police and 36 from the Armed Police are engaged in peacekeeping missions. 121 countries have sent security personnel in the peace mission, overall, Nepal is in the second place.

Currently, the United Nations is conducting 12 peacekeeping missions in conflict-affected countries. There are 75,004 security personnel from 121 countries, according to the United Nations Peacekeeping Department. Currently, 568 women from the Nepali Army are working in contingent missions and the remaining 33 women are working as military observers and staff officers. In South Sudan alone, 172 women from the Nepalese army have deployed for peacekeeping. Similarly, there are 110 in Central African Republic, 95 in Congo, 84 in Lebanon, 51 in Syria, 24 in Libya and 17 in Mali. There are 10 female soldiers serving in Abyei, a disputed land between Sudan and South Sudan, and one each in Iraq and Western Sahara. Another 36 are on standby duty, according to army data. From 2062, only women have been accepted in the Nepali Army for general service