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Every individual should act in a responsible way to protect the environment

Mainoor Nazia Farah, Bangladesh

The Nepal Weekly
June 27, 2023

How do you find this South Asian Climate Action Conference?

We are always trying to connect with environment or environment related activities and research and we find this conference is being organized in Nepal and we applied for it and got the chance to come here.

How do you like this conference?

That’s quite amazing because the programme was very structured and the organizers have made very good preparations. Everything is perfect like timing and other arrangements.

What about the issues raised during the conference?

Climate change, climate action, air pollution and other pollution happening in the world and most importantly the people who are concerned about the environment and the climate change issues. We can network with them and become climate sensitive through youth focused activities and social enterprise. So it is very important for us to connect with the similar organizations. So its a place where we can connect with other like minded people.

What are the climate related issues Bangladesh is encountering ?

Bangladesh is facing air pollution, very much air pollution is happening in the country. Noise pollution is also of very much concern to us. We are also concerned with traffic pollution, that is also connected with noise pollution and residential area is not much far away from that. And waste management problem is also very important issues. Because most of the organic waste is dumped in open places in Bangladesh. So this is a very harmful thing. Because it emits lots of green house gas.

What are the effects of climate change that you are currently facing?

Rising temperature, increasing heat, water pollution, waste management system is not so good, health hazards are the main problems linked to it.

What are your solutions to the issue?

Not only from organizations, every individual should be responsible and work on it. Everyone should be concerned about the environment problem and how we can mitigate the problem.