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Rajesh Kumar Agarwal elected as new President of Confederation of Nepalese Industry 

The Nepal Weekly
June 27, 2023

Rajesh Kumar Agarwal has been elected as the President of Nepal Industry Confederation. 20th Annual General Meeting of the Confederation elected Agarwal as the President. Agarwal, who was previously the senior vice-president, was automatically elected as the president according to the constitution of the federation. Aggarwal was a member of the National Council of the Confederation, Chairman of the Industry Committee, Chairman of the Revenue Committee, Coordinator of the Employers’ Council and became the Vice President of the Confederation for one and a half decades. Aggarwal has been in the industry since 1992.

The outgoing president of the federation, Bishnu Kumar Agarwal handed over the office to the newly elected president Rajesh Kumar Agarwal while taking the oath. Sanjay Golcha, Raj Bahadur Shah, Vidushi Rana, Ajit Vikram Shah, Hem Raj Dhakal, Ashish Aggarwal Jajodia, Manish Khemka, Dwiraj Sharma (Shivakoti), Dhrurba Prasad Rizal, Barsha Shrestha, Hitesh Golcha, Ashish among the national council members of the federation from the annual general meeting held in the capital on Saturday. Garg, Sapna Sapkota, Birendraraj Pandey and more were elected. 7 vice presidents have been unanimously elected from the elected National Council members. Nirvana Chaudhary, Virendra Raj Pandey, Raj Bahadur Shah, Hem Raj Dhakal, Rohit Gupta, Amit More and Bhim Ghimire have been elected as vice presidents of the federation. Amit More and Bhim Ghimire became the vice-presidents of the federation for the first time. Similarly, Sandeep Sharda, Gokul Bhandari and Chaya Sharma have been nominated as permanent invited members of the Confederation. President Rajesh Kumar Agarwal administered the oath to the Vice President and National Council members.

Before that, President Rajesh Kumar Agarwal, while assuming the office of the president of the federation, said that he will actively take the achievements of the federation to new heights by institutionalizing the achievements achieved in the past. He said that the rapidly changing policy rules of the government, high interest rates, decrease in overall demand, decrease in production, decreasing morale and postponement of new investment plans will be presented effectively to solve the problems faced by the private sector.

In the general meeting, awards were presented in 6 different categories. Rohit Gupta as the most active vice-president, Analraj Bhattarai as the most active member of the National Council. Similarly, the award of the most active state confederation was received by Lumbini Industry Confederation and the award of the best employee was received by Deputy Director Ravi Prajapati.