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Bhutan refugee scam, a way to cleanse parties

The Nepal Weekly
June 20, 2023

Sixteen people including some high profile personalities have been sent to jail in the fake Bhutanese refugees scam after two and a half month long investigation. Those who were imprisoned by the Kathmandu District Court decision include among others, former deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and former Home Minister Balkrishna Khand. This time the authorities moved forward the investigation in a strong way giving hopes in the minds of the people that no one, whatever may be his or position, will be spared. However, there are still some space for suspicion as the investigation moved forward in a very slow pace. However, the investigating body did not invite some high profile figures like Manju Khand, spouse of Balkrishna Khand and Aarzoo Deuba, spouse of former Prime Minister S.B. Deuba for questioning, thought their names also appeared time and again during interrogations. THis has raised suspicion that the key figures involved in the scam could have been saved, which is known as one of the most notorious case in our history. Former Home Minister Khand would have relieved from the party’s responsibility before sending him to the jail. There is a tradition of suspending people from their positions to allow impartial investigation of the case. CPN-UML had already suspended Rayamajhi from his party’s responsibility. We need not worry about taking action against powerful corrupt leaders of our political parties. This is the right time to cleanse the political party from corrupt leaders and make up its damaged image. If the corrupt old leaders get removed from the party then there is the possibility of capable and qualified new generation leaders to come forward.

The disclosure of the refugee scam has its ripple effects on the political circle and the bureaucracy. The issue seems to have become dominant even in the federal parliament meetings. Different political parties and civil society members have continuously called for an impartial investigation into the fraud. Anyway, the crackdown on this racket has created a lot of glimmer of hope that all those proved guilty of this crime in the court of law will be brought to justice and we would be able to make Nepal free of corruption and bribery.