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BDS organizes Drag Show, 3 Drag Queens chosen

The Nepal Weekly
June 20, 2023

A “Drag Show for Visibility” was organized as part of the Pride month celebrations at Durbarsqure, Kathmandu that attracted hundreds of gays and lesbians from different parts of the capital city. The show was organized at the initiative of Blue Diamond Society, an organization working for the cause of third gender people, at Hard Rock Cafe, Kathmandu in collaboration with Save the Children Kathmandu. A large number of people belonging to the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bio-sexual, Trans-gender, Inter-sex) community gathered in the programme dressed with colourful and eloquent outfits.

“This is to showcase our capabilities, our talent, our will to portray life as it is, to express ourselves regardless of our sexual boundaries and sexual orientation” announced one of the participants at the Drag Show organized by the third gender community for the first time in Nepal. “Today we embrace the integrity of just being humanity,” another participant remarked.

The programme also featured a fashion show by gay and lesbian community, in which ten participants showcased their beauty and talent. In the Fashion Competition under the Drag Show three participants were declared winners. The winners, Pawan, Manoj and Naresh, all three were declared as Drag Queen.

The participants were wearing dresses made by recycled materials such as newspapers, waste papers, old clothes, used plastics, plastic bottles and hays to spread the message of “recycle-reuse-reduce” as part of environment conservation campaign. The programme was also attended by diplomats, artists, government officials and journalists as well.