March 3, 2024, Sunday
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Old parties for fresh buoyancy

The Nepal Weekly
June 12, 2023

By TNW correspondent

All old parties particularly the NC, CPNUML, the Maoist Centre and the CPN Socialist appear determined to give fresh buoyancy to their organizational strength and structure in the near future, said a senior politician in Kathmandu on Monday.

“Top leaders have realized that they have to do something substantial to make their old parties able to take the heated challenge from the new parties particularly their youths and popular leaders.”

Various factors – discussion in parliament, varied public meetings in 7 provinces, recent byelection and problems facing the people in market, transport and other service delivery areas – appear to have compelled the old leaders to be responsive, observed a media analyst.

NC is trying to emerge buoyant through a broad frame of unity. Both Deuba and Shekhar Koirala who were competitors in the past party president election are talking about the importance of working together and being together under one roof, said an analyst.

CPN UML took a decision of dropping the old age bar for mobilizing its old leaders for generating fresh move in the party. It intends to emerge more united, more organized and more powerful as an opposition party in the near future. “No one will be able to resist its new move,” noted a former parliamentarian.

The Maoist Centre is effortful in making its party further dynamic and united in the near future by implementing important party programmes. The CPN Socialist is also doing the same, said a senior leader adding “the party is even ready to restore the pre-division version of CPN UML and a working model of leftist unity.”

Whether the old parties’ attempt will be able to compete with the scheme of new parties is what cannot be predicted at the moment, said a senior journalist.