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Showing result: parties in dilemma

The Nepal Weekly
May 23, 2023

By TNW correspondent

How to be a political party with a difference? Where to begin to reform traditional parties? These, according to some senior politicos, are the questions pressing Nepal’s new and old political parties at the moment.

As time goes by people expect the political parties’ performance in a visible manner, said a former parliamentarian. “But they have not yet been able to do anything to show tangibly as a result of their performance in politics.”

All traditional parties – Nepali Congress, CPN UML, Maoist Centre, NCP Socialist – realized during the general election that people expected change in their working style. They understood how their supporters got decreasing by the year.

“Their base or catchment appeared shrinking in an unmistakable manner over the years pressing them to change their style and tone of politics – inside the organization and outside.”

Although a few youths in the old parties are pressing for change in the organizational matters, the old guards are not listening to them and they are continuing their style in the same old style way. Whether the youths will be able to change the mindset of old leaders or not, only time will tell, said a media analyst.

The new parties Rastriya Swatantra Party and a few others in the parliament advocated during the general election for a politics with a difference. “But they have not in six months been able to really define what they meant by politics with a difference,  their speeches, although revolutionary in tone,  appear traditional in effect ,” noted a commentator.

MPs’ discussions on the government principles and programmes included in the President’s address to the joint session of parliament indicate MPs’ enthusiasm and energy but they do not show any political direction for change or a difference in approach, observed senior journalist.

According to a media analyst the popular move in politics is capable of creating immediate impact and draw attention of people but the same cannot translate into a sustainable institutional frame. “It takes time and patience for actual impact on way of talking and doing politics in a country.”