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People flocking to Lingabhairavi for peace and managing stress

The Nepal Weekly
April 4, 2023

Lingabhairavi, a deity that refers to the combination of Shiva and Bhairavi, has recently been installed at Basundhara-Chakrapath area situated in the North of Kathmandu. Every day around 1,000 devotees visit the temple since its establishment on March 9, 2023. The Ligabhairavi, known as the meeting point between Shiva and Shakti, was installed in a temple spreading around 2.5 ropanis of land ( around 13,600 sq.feet) at Basundhara-Chakrapath. The project was launched by Indian spiritual Guru Jaggi Basudev also known as Sadguru, who is the founder of Isha Foundation.

Abhisekh, a special kind of prayer, is performed at the temple on daily basis. The temple is open early in the morning from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm at night every day for devotees, except a three hour break in between 1.20 and 4.20 pm.

Eleven types of stuffs such as butter, coconut, flowers, turmeric, sweets and fruits are used during the special prayer, known as Abhishekh, which is performed three times daily. Prasad is distributed to the devotees on conclusion of the prayers. Besides Abhishekh, normal prayer and music recitation are also organized at the temple regularly.

The temple is open to all and the entrance is free of charge, informed Neelam Pandey, one of the trustees of the temple, who donated 2.5 ropanis of land for the project speaking to media persons during a press conference organized at Hotel Dwarika at Battisputali, Kathmandu on Monday. The management of the Lingabhairavi is being looked after by Yogini Trust Nepal, a co-organization of Isha Foundation based in India.

The trust was established under the Nepalese Law and is being operated as per the prevailing rules and regulations of Nepal, informed Sangita Shrestha, executive director. A 16 member trustee has been established to operate and manage the affairs of the temple.

Many young people are being attracted to the Lingabhairavi, which offers courses on meditation as well as inner engineering and managing stress, according to Swami Brajwala, a representative from Isha Foundation, India. People, who visit the temple are benefitted as they find peace and manage stress as well as balancing emotions, he pointed out. Around 3,000 people from Nepal have participated in a week long inner engineering programme and some 40,000 Nepalese are linked to the Isha Foundation, he said.

Worldwide, ten million people have been connected through Isha Foundation in the past three decades period, he pointed out.