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Sanskrit is not only a language, but the reservoir of knowledge, say experts

The Nepal Weekly
March 28, 2023

Educationist Prof. Dr. Vidyanath Koirala has expressed the view that Sanskrit is not only a language, but a vas reservoir of knowledge. The facts that the Earth is round and it revolves around the Sun, which possesses gravitational power, were known to our ancestors thousands of years before the modern scientists claimed to have discovered them, according to Prof. Koirala.

The modern scientists claim that energy and consciousness originate from matter, which Vedic sages put in the other way saying that matter and energy originate from consciousness, pointed out Prof. Koirala adding that the modern scientists will come closer to the Vedic sages’ view point in the coming days after conducting more research in this field. Veda is the is the sources of different branches of knowledge such as Ayurveda, Astrology, mathematics and physics as well, said Prof. Koirala giving a presentation on Vedic knowledge during a programme organized to felicitate Lawmaker of Federal Parliament Kiran Kumar Shah, who took oath of office and secrecy in Sanskrit language and Mohan Pandey, Mayor of Manawa Shisawa Municipality situated in Mahottari district, who started Sanskrit language course in schools in his municipality. A host of speakers who spoke at the felicitation cum discussion programme to highlight the importance of Sanskrit language, spoke about the importance of Sanskrit language in the modern age and underscored the need for striking a balance between the modern scientific development and ancient knowledge enshrined in the Vedic scriptures.

Lawmakers of the Federal Parliament Gyanendra Shahi and Badri Pandey principal of Valley View School Subhash Chandra Bhandari and member of the Bouddha Development Committee Januka Bhandari spoke about the importance of Sanskrit language in the modern world, at the programme chaired by president of Hilepani Sanskrit Secondary School ex-students’ Society, Yagya Raj Ghimire. They underlined the need to explore the ancient Vedic knowledge through conducting research and thorough study.