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Udyomi Ghar, where one can find a large variety of indigenously produced items

The Nepal Weekly
March 28, 2023

Udyomi Ghar (Entrepreneurs House) located at Chapagaun Chowk in Lalitpur district has become an attraction for those, who prefer Nepali home made goods, indigenous items and handicrafts these days. There are more than 300 Nepali products brought from 50 districts across the country, according to Deepak Karki, proprietor of the Udyomi Ghar.

Items showcased at the Udyomi Ghar include indigenously made cotton and straw shoes, silk saris, caps made from hemp, Dhaka saris, bags made from bamboo threads, wooden theki, nanglo, doko, pashmina shawl as well as a variety of decorative items made from wood, bamboo, ceramics, earth etc.

Our main aim is to promote Nepali culture, introduce Nepali civilization and encourage the use of indigenously produced goods, said Karki. The Udyomi Ghar is linked to around 200 entrepreneurs involved in cottage industries, according to Karki. “In the past we have trained many entrepreneurs, who have produced attractive items for both decoration purposes and domestic use, he pointed out.

The Udyomi Ghar is actively working in the areas of women’s empowerment, creating self-employment and income generating means to many marginalized and lower-income groups of the society. Udyomi Ghar is also planning to bring in food items such as rice, lentils, gundruk and various other organic food items to satisfy the requirements of customers, who prefer domestically produced items.

This is the first such outlay where a large variety of goods produced from different parts of the country are displayed under a single umbrella, he maintained. Now where in Nepal you will find such a large variety of indigenously produced items,” he claims.