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Nothing can stop Shabana, not even broken wrist, to work

The Nepal Weekly
March 28, 2023

There is nothing that can stop Shabana Azmi from working, not even a broken wrist. In fact, the 72 year old actor was back on set ready to shoot just two days after breaking her wrist. She says she believes the show must go on, and hopes to work till her last breath.

“That is the way I have always been. Since the beginning, I have been encouraged through my upbringing that I was always made to believe that if I felt something strongly enough, I should go ahead and do just that,” says Azmi.

In fact, the advice not to go came her way when she decided to go to London to shoot Shekhar Kapur’s international project, What’s Love Got to Do with It? during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I was told not to go, it was not coming from a place that ‘you are doing something wrong’, but in a way that it might be a hazardous thing to do. But I trusted my gut. Now, I am working with my broken wrist. Within two days after breaking my wrist, I had to come to Budapest to shoot for Steven Spielberg’s Halo. My family was worried and said ‘How can you travel? What can you do?’ But I wanted to do it. Now, I am managing to work with this. But over the years, I have realised that I am happiest when I’m working. I would like to die with my shoes on,” says Azmi.