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President Poudel visits Kumari with minimum security

The Nepal Weekly
March 21, 2023

President Ramchandra Poudel has reached Kumari House in Basantpur, Kathmandu in a normal vehicle (without accompanied by a carcade). President Paudel broke the tradition of paying visit only after clearing the road Saturday afternoon when he reached Kumari Ghar for the first time after assuming the post. He reached there in an ordinary vehicle without a carcade and paid homage to Living Goddess Kumari. During the occasion, the security personnel did not stop the public vehicles. The newly elected President Paudel rode without a carcade when the common people were suffering due to the heavy security of the President’s carcade.

The President was welcomed at the Kumari House by Gautam Ratna Shakya, Parliament Member Sapna Rajbhandari, Provincial Assembly Member Shailendra Man Bajracharya among others. Maintaining the tradition of visiting the Living Goddess Kumari after becoming the head of the state, President Paudel paid a visit to Kumari to seek her blessing. After being elected as the President, he invited criticism when the road was blocked while visiting Pashupatinath.