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New Nepali Lubricant Nepal Gold in production stage

The Nepal Weekly
March 21, 2023

Satyadeep Group that involved in automobile parts and other business activities has joined hand with SB Group involved in food industry and oxygen gas production, with the objective to manufacturing Lubricant and Grease under the brand name of Nepal Gold and launch in the market. The United Lubricants Industries Pvt. Ltd., being operated by the above mentioned two groups have established a lube oil blending plant at Dhalkevar – 3 Lalbhitti Chowk in Dhanusha, which is in its final stage of operation.

Nepal Gold brand lubricant and grease will be available in the Nepalese market in the month of Baishakh in the New Year 2080, according to a press release. All the works relating to building structure of the plant has been completed and the new Nepali lubricant will be available in the market from Baishakh 2080 B.S., according to Dipendra Mishra, managing director of Satyadeep International.

The company has established its lube oil blending plant and other structures spreading over 2 Bigha and 5 Kattha of land. Six storage tanks have been built in the area which is capable of storing 2,000 kl of lubricant, according to the press release.

The industry can produce 15,000 litre lubricant and 10,000 kilo litre grease. Similarly, there will be two storage facilities with 20,000 square feet capacity to store finished products. The quality of lubricant oil and grease to be produced in Nepal will be at par with those produced by internationally acclaimed multi-national companies, claims Mishra. At least 50 people will get employment in the first phase after the production of the oil and grease starts.