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Prachanda to seek Vote of Confidence on March 22

The Nepal Weekly
March 14, 2023

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahalal “Prachanda” is likely to seek vote of confidence from the House of Representatives on March 22. The meeting of the House of Representatives on March 1 has been adjourned until March 19. Within that period, Prachanda is preparing for the vote of confidence with the backing of bigger parties like the Nepali Congress. Nepali Congress is likely to join the governmnet after Prachanda takes vote of confidence. Sources at the Baluwatar claim that after the conclusion of the Vice-Presidential election on March 17, the coalition parties will start working for the expansion of the government and Prachanda is preparing to seek the vote of confidence from the HoR on March 22. Accordingly, the meeting of the National Assembly convened on Monday has also been postponed till March 22.

As the two major coalition partners CPN- UML and Rastriya Prajatantra Party withdrew their support, both parties will remain in the opposition, but Nepali Congress, which is in the opposition, will remain in the opposition until the Prime Minister takes a vote of confidence. After the two parties participating in the government separated themselves from power and withdrew their support, Prachanda is required to take a vote of confidence within 30 days according to clause 2 of Article 100 of the Constitution. Since RPP withdrew its support on February 25 and separated itself from the government, Dahal needs to take a vote of confidence before March 26.