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As Pramila withdraws, Ramsahay sure to win Vice Presidential election

The Nepal Weekly
March 14, 2023

After withdrawal of her candidacy through issuing a statement by Vice President of Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Nepal and Vice presidential candidate Pramila Kumari Yadav there remains only three candidates for competition. The election for the post of Vice President is scheduled to take place on March 17.

In a statement issued on Monday, Pramila Yadav said that she had withdrawn her candidacy for vice president. “As an intellectual and mature candidate having spotless and simple character, Ramsahay Yadav is the most suitable, qualified and capable candidate for the dignified post,” she wrote in the statement. “Though technically my name has been included in the list of Vice Presidential candidates, I hereby announce withdrawal of my candidacy in support of him,” she said. Now there are three candidates including two women in the competiton, Ramsahay Yadav from the JSP Nepal, Ashta Laxmi Shakya from CPN-UML and Mamata Jha from Janamat Party. Though, Jha from Janamat Party also belongs to the ruling eight party alliance, the alliance has decided to vote in favour of Ramsahay, according to Ganesh Shah, secretary of ruling CPN-Maoist Centre.

Hence, the victory of Ramsahay, a leader from the Madhes, is almost certain to become the new Vice – President.