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Nepal can be developed as a destination of health tourism through promoting Ayurveda

Dr. Kopila Adhikari, General Secretary, ADAN

The Nepal Weekly
March 7, 2023
Dr. Kopila Adhakari, general secretary, Ayurveda Doctor’s Association of Nepal (ADAN)

Seventh 3 day International Ayurveda Congress concluded in Kathmandu on March 5. The conference was inaugurated by Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” on March 3 at Hotel Soaltee. The main organizers are International Maharishi Ayurveda Foundation Netherlands, All India Ayurveda Congress Delhi and International Academy of Ayurveda Pune with the support from Nepal Maharishi Vedic foundation as the local host. The goal of conference was to formulate a Roadmap for holistic Health for all through Ayurveda. Ninty presentations were made in different themese during the conference. Around 150 Ayurvedic experts and government officials from Nepal and 100 international Ayurvedic experts including those from India, Germany, Netherlands and Austria participated in the conference.

“The conference was organized with a view to promoting health tourism in Nepal, remarked Dr. Kopila Adhakari, general secretary, Ayurveda Doctor’s Association of Nepal (ADAN) talking to The Nepal Weekly.  “Scientifically researched papers were presented in the conference, so the Ayurveda doctors of Nepal would also gain knowledge and get a chance to share their knolwedge and skill with the internatioal community,” she pointed out.

She says that Nepal’s herbs are very important and there is high demand of Nepalese herbs which also organic, among the European buyers. “At present Nepal is sending herbs to third countries via India, so we also discussed about the possibility of sending herbs directly from Nepal to other countries ending the mediating role played by India in this regard,” said Dr. Kopila.

“Now a days there is growing demand for herbs like Amala, Silajit, Kalo Haledo, Yarsagumba, Laoth Salla, Turmeric is  in the world market and they are looking for the products of Nepal.” At present the demand for herbs from Europe and China is met from India, but due to the lack of policy and low budget for Ayurveda in Nepal, we are unable to earn from herbs, she pointed out.

However, in the post Covid – 19 period, Nepal government has increased its budget allocation for Ayurveda to some extent, she informed. Now we are planning to open Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing centres in all the seven provinces across Nepal. Although there is no such policy decisions made yet, we have started manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines in Bagmati and Karnali provinces. In order to get financial benefits from Ayurveda, an Ayurveda medicine production center should be opened all the provinces, she opined. Dr.Kopila says that if we are able to make quality medicine and export it, we can get financial benefits from it and after covid  international market for  Nepal’s herbs is also getting better.),

We can benefit lot if we focus our attention on making Nepal the destination for health tourism, she pointed out. We can provide Pancha Kriyia (a kind of Ayurvedic body cleansing technique, Yoga and Meditation to the international tourists, says Dr. Kopila. “We can also organize Yoga Trek for the tourists, so that they can enjoy trekking as well as get the benefits of Yoga at the same time.”