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Sara Gurung wins Mrs. Nobel Nepal 2023

The Nepal Weekly
March 7, 2023

Sara Gurung has made history by winning the prestigious Mrs. Nobel Nepal 2023 beauty pageant, which is solely dedicated to married women. The event was a celebration of the beauty, intelligence, and confidence of married women in Nepal. Sara impressed the judges with her grace, elegance, and intelligence and was crowned the winner of the event.

Apart from winning the title of Mrs. Nobel Nepal 2023, Sara also won the coveted Mrs. Intelligent award. This award is a testament to her intelligence, wit, and knowledge. She demonstrated that beauty and brains can indeed go hand in hand.

The first runner-up position went to Niru Bhattarai, who also grabbed the title of Mrs. Photogenic. Her stunning beauty and captivating presence impressed the judges, and she was rightfully crowned as the first runner-up of the event.

Anita Ghimire, who completed the event as the second runner-up, was the star of the sub-categories. She won a hat-trick of awards, which included the most popular, most dynamic, and public choice video award. Anita’s magnetic personality and excellent communication skills made her a favorite among the audience.

Tara Magar was awarded the most confident award for exuding confidence and poise throughout the event. Usha Kumari Shah won the most active award for her energy and enthusiasm. Chandrakala Tamang won the most smart award for her intelligence and quick wit. Anju Magar won the best personality award for her charismatic and charming personality. Roji Blon was awarded the most

Himani Subba, a Renowned choreographer Himani Subba choreographed the event. Her innovative and creative choreography added an extra charm to the event. The event was showcased by Himalayan movies production house.

The event was a resounding success, and it showcased the talents and abilities of married women in Nepal. It was a celebration of their beauty, intelligence, and confidence, and it proved that women can be successful in all aspects of life. The winners of the event have set an example for all the married women out there, and they have shown that nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude and determination.