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Dynamics of alliance – politics

The Nepal Weekly
February 28, 2023

By TNW correspondent

Two differently shaped political alliances in just two months! Two varied experiments in politics under one Prime Minister during that short period! “Incredible”, said a senior politician in Nepal on Monday.

But that is exactly what Nepalis are witnessing these days in the political landscape of the country. Media analysts describe the phenomenon as the result of transactional politics which follows the dynamics of comfort for the leaders concerned. 

Had there been politics of principles, ethics and established ideology, things would have been different, noted a media observer. “Nepali politicians have over the years switched over to transactional benefits in place of value-based politics.”

Because of the new trends of breaking up one alliance and forming another for the sake of power, the political stability in the country has once again been in question.

In the midst of such changes, people hope that the new parliament will have its tenure of five years undisturbed. They believe PM Dahal when he says all these dynamic changes that are taking place in the country’s politics will produce positive impact on political stability.

The CPN UML which played key role in forming a new alliance to elect Dahal as PM has now joined opposition by pulling out of government and withdrawing support for Dahal-led government. A new alliance of political parties has emerged just prior to presidential election. Champions of the alliance also refer to their stress on political stability.

What impact the new phenomenon will have on the presidential poll is what cannot be predicted at the moment. Much depends on how the members of the Electoral College use their discretion in that election, say senior politicos.