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International community’s statement on the 1st-Anniversary of Russia’s War in Ukraine

The Nepal Weekly
February 28, 2023

A dozen diplomatic missions based in Kathmandu issuing a joint statement expressed support to Ukraine on the one year anniversary of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“One year ago, Vladimir Putin unleashed an unjustifiable war against Ukraine’s land, people, and sovereignty. Since then, more than 8,000 civilians have died and 14 million have been displaced from their homes,” reads the statement. “Russia’s assault on a free nation has destroyed schools and healthcare facilities in what has become the largest land war since World War II,” according to the statement.

“As part of the international community in Nepal, we mark this solemn occasion with hope. For twelve months, the people of Ukraine have courageously protected their freedom, and the global community has unified behind them,” states the statement signed by 12 diplomatic missions in Kathmandu. After staving off Russia’s attempt to destroy their country, the Ukrainian people are prouder and braver than ever, it added. “We have no doubt, Ukraine will be victorious. Today and into the future, we stand with Ukraine, its independence, peace, and freedom.”