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Fashion designers shine at IIFT Nepal’s ‘Dress To Impress’ 7th season

The Nepal Weekly
February 28, 2023

IIFT School of Fashion and Interior Design organized their annual fashion event ‘Dress to Impress’ in the seventh season the other day. The event provides a platform for the students of IIFT Nepal to showcase their unique and innovative fashion designs. The event was organized at the Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu featuring four different rounds, each with its own theme. The students were grouped into teams based on their theme and displayed their creative talent on the runway as models.

At the end of the event, four winners were selected, one from each theme. Shilpa Shrestha won the futuristic theme, which focused on avant-garde clothing designs. Roshan Tamata won the under the sea theme inspired by marine life. Afsana Miya won the wildlife and nature theme, and Sabitra Devi Rai won the bold black shades theme.

Each winner received a cash prize of rupees fifteen thousand as a token of encouragement, along with a fitness package worth forty thousand from Cage Fitness and thirty-five thousand from Bajra Fitness Club. The event was managed by Pacific Events and Management and was choreographed by the Executive Director of IIFT Nepal, fashion choreographer Bipana Thapa. Overall, the Dress to Impress event showcased the incredible talent and creativity of IIFT Nepal students in the fashion industry. The gala event provided them with a platform to express themselves and gain recognition for their hard work and innovative designs. The event also brought together the fashion community in Nepal and encouraged collaboration and support among aspiring designers.