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RSP-politics taking shape in real time

The Nepal Weekly
February 7, 2023

By TNW correspondent

The fourth largest party in the Parliament-the Rastriya Swatantra Party – is constructing framework for its real time politics. The political organization attracted public attention just before the general election 2022.

It did not take long for the public to translate that attraction into trust during polling day. The same placed the RSP in a high position in parliament just next to the three prominent highly organized, historical political organizations of Nepal – NC, CPN UML and the MC.

The fresh party’s emergence as star and symbol of hope in the national politics offered all some sort of optimism and reason to have trust among politicians.

Moreover, all RSP parliamentarians including its leader Ravi Lamichhane, pledged reformist agenda from within the prevailing constitutional and governance system. That further assured people about its sense of service to the people.

Soon after success in the polls the RSP found in a highly honoured positions in government with command in most important ministries, which it chose for direct delivery of service to the people.

According to a senior politician, it was a great opportunity for the RSP leaders in government and parliament to enact upon their pledge given to people. But political circumstances did not allow them to work with a sense of sustainability.

Because of the Supreme Court-verdict on RSP leader’s case related to failure to have timely re-acquirement of Nepali citizenship, the RSP is now through its decision out of government.

Politicians term its walking out of government but remaining part of current alliance as a politically wise decision. The same will result in more opportunities for the RSP in future.

How the party office bearers and parliamentarians will function from now on in the political field is now being watched with keen interest and enthusiasm.