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Sundar Yatayat demands removal of demand charge

The Nepal Weekly
February 7, 2023

Sundar Yatayat Pvt. Ltd. has said that due to non-cooperation of Nepal Electricity Authority, the private sector is faced with hard time to operate electric buses across the country. The government had taken a decision a year back to remove demand charge. The private sector electric public transport company mentioned that media and campaigners had supported the private sector to influence government institutions including Electricity Regulation Commission a year and more to remove demand charge.

Government of Nepal has been asking consumers, industries and transport sector to increase use of electricity. However, Nepal Electricity Authority failed to cooperate private sector transport operator. Therefore the concerned authorities are urged to consider creating conducive environment, demands SundarYatayat Pvt. Ltd.

If non-cooperation continues, private sector will pull back its electric public transport services, it is stated. The private company has been operating electric buses in Kathmandu Rig Road, Rupandehi and Kapilvastu. It aims to extend electric buses services as public transportation in other parts of the country.