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Aditi Shrestha Bags Miss Ecollege 2023 Award

The Nepal Weekly
February 7, 2023

The 10th edition of Miss Ecollege, a pageant that marks the beauty and talents of female college students, has come to a close, and the winner has been finally announced. The winner of this year’s competition is Aditi Shrestha, a 17-year-old student from Bhaktapur NIST. Aditi was not only crowned as the winner of the pageant but was also bagged award as the most talented contestant.

As the winner of Miss Ecollege, Aditi bagged an impressive array of prizes. Her prizes include a round-trip ticket to Thailand, a stylish wristwatch from Nepal Airhostess Academy and a cash prize worth ten thousand from Let me in. These prizes will provide Aditi with the opportunity to travel, indulge in a new experience, and upgrade her style.

The competition also named first and second runner-ups. Rit Magiya was declared the first runner-up, while Sushmita Shrestha was named the second runner-up. These two contestants impressed the judges with their talents and abilities, and they were honored with recognition for their hard work and dedication to the competition.

Besides the main awards, there were several categories that showcased the diverse talents of the contestants. Sapana Singh was awarded the confidence category, Babita Rajbanshi was named the enthusiastic award winner, Tirkha Pariyar was named the best personality, and Mahima Chaudhary was named miss photogenic. These awards recognized the various qualities that make each contestant unique and special.

The competition also recognized other contestants for their individual strengths. Sagun Acharya was named the most intelligent contestant, Rashmita Shrestha was awarded the contestant with a beautiful smile, Richa Maharjan was honored for her elegance, Shanit Kumari Lamsal for her innocence, and Sajana Thapa for her flawless skin. These awards celebrated the diversity and individuality of each contestant, highlighting their strengths and qualities.