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DPM and Minister for Energy Lingden meets RE Private sector

The Nepal Weekly
January 31, 2023

Newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, Water Resources and irrigation Rajendra Lingden met the delegation of private sector renewable energy entrepreneurs. The delegation led by chairperson of Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal Guna Raj Dhakal while entrepreneurs of micro hydropower, solar pv, solar thermal, biogas and biomass technologies and surveyors and designers of RETs were also included in the team visiting the DPM.

The delegation congratulated DPM Lingden for being assigned responsibility of energy sector of the country. They also explained the role of private sector in promotion and development of renewable energy in Nepal. Moreover, the government in the present context is expected to cooperate private sector for more contributions in line with Nepal’s commitment on climate change actions, sustainable development goals and clean cooking solutions for all. So as RETs are instruments to reduce consumption of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and LPG. Likewise, RETs are useful to reduce airborne diseases as such technologies replace use of smoke belching materials as well.

Therefore, the private sector entrepreneurs who manufacture, fabricate, install and trade has earned immense of experiences in providing energy need for rural and mountain people seek policy support and investment safety. 

Sources say that DPM Lingden has assured consider appropriately on policy review process and formulating 5 years policy.

The private sector also met State Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Dipak Bahadur Singh on the same occasion and discussed on problems and solutions for private sector engagement in promotion and development of renewable energy technologies.