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Risk ahead!

The Nepal Weekly
January 24, 2023

That some MPs chose specifically to speak about danger before the present parliament in their opening presentations at the newly elected House of Representatives indicates “Risk ahead!”. The same deserves attention from all those who value sustainability of elected parliament for a full five-year term. Nepalis cannot forget how previous parliament was dissolved twice entirely for purposes of personalized politics. They can neither forget the way Supreme Court intervened to ensure full term for the topmost elected body of sovereign Nepalis. A few MPs warned if precaution is not taken now the attack against the House would be repeated. They reminded all stakeholders of democracy of the need to understand and be careful about why some in the House are defending dissolution of parliament as normal in politics. The present constitutional spirit and provisions, however, do not support that argument. All MPs and Assembly members of all seven provinces should be conscious of that spirit and arrangements besides remaining vigilant about them. While talking about sustainability of parliament for a complete term, Nepalis cannot sideline the investment – soft or hard or monetary or social-or political- that they and the country as a whole have made for the parliament in terms of participation, labour, money, time and hope for future. That investment cannot be allowed to be wasted just because of a political leader’s personalized politics and ambitions or whims. Moreover, positive achievements of the recent past cannot be ignored: all the processes essential for a full term parliament were completed, all the democratic norms of electoral process were duly kept to get all the 753 local bodies legitimately elected, all seven provincial assembly members were elected and governments formed accordingly, and federal parliament and government constituted as per the letter and spirit of the constitution. All these gains in politics cannot be disregarded. Moreover, for prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis the gains should be allowed to fan out and evolve into further accomplishments in the best interest of the people and the country. No politico should turn his or back on this point. That point should also be remembered as and when politicos elect the country’s president in the next few weeks. Any person or politico who can facilitate the process of building up on the achievements should be picked up as the third Head of State. That, in itself, would be a significant contribution to avoiding risk before democracy and parliament in the country.