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A fresh alliance in the offing

The Nepal Weekly
January 24, 2023

By TNW correspondent

Senior politicos and media analysts take the present political scenario in the country as suggesting appearance of yet another fresh alliance in the near future. “There will be a change in the ruling alliance,” they say.

“No politico in Nepal would like to see parliament dissolved for either mid-term polls or for handing over sole state power to one single party. The CPN UML, the driving force behind current ruling alliance, has all except Sheetal Niwas in its command: parliament, Singha Durbar, and key provincial positions,” they argue.

To check single party highhandedness on top, some parties including the Maoist Centre, Janata Samajwadi Party and Loktantrik Party could enter into some political collaboration. The largest single party in parliament – Nepali Congress – may back them up to avoid past mistakes, they explain.

The fresh alliance will have some impact on the election of president, say some insiders. Madhesh based parties have not yet got any significant positions in the government or elsewhere. They will have some opportunity in the posts of president and vice president, say some observers.

In the meanwhile although all sorts of guess works are entering the political rumour market, the PM is effortful in bringing about consensus about the candidate for the posts of president and vice president. CPNUML Chief also is confident about his ruling alliance candidate win the presidency. Another party supported by the ruling alliance will be in the post of vice president.

Nepali Congress will remain in opposition and will present its candidature for the election of the Head of State. It will have partnership with either leader Upendra Yadav or MP Mahantha Thakur for the post of vice-president, observe informed sources.