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Youths’ pressure on old guards

The Nepal Weekly
January 17, 2023
Daha, Oli, Deuba and Bhushal

By TNW correspondent

The power-ball is once again in the court of PM Dahal, Oli and Deuba, the old guards of Nepali politics. They could do anything ranging from creating a national government of consensus to multi-party government with limited opposition, said a senior politician in Kathmandu Tuesday.

“The difference this time, however, is in the heavy pressure that all of them are feeling because of their own parties’ new generation youths – elected or defeated or ever deprived or others.”

Because of this Deuba had to face open tough opposition from General Secretaries and other youths inside NC to his proposal to support PM Dahal in vote of confidence motion. PM Dahal has not been able to convince his youth leaders on why he resorted to CPN UML to fulfill his PM-ambition.

Oli, the only supreme voice in CPN UML, has not been able to explain his youth leaders why he promoted current ruling alliance and compromised so much with PM Dahal, who was his rival until very recently.

Another old guard of Nepali politics Madhav Nepal is also under pressure from youths in matters of joining government and rejoining CPNUML accepting single handed leadership of OLi.

According to insiders, the entry of Ghana Shyam Bhusal in the Unified Socialist has forced a dynamic change in the party compelling Madhavjii not to consider at all the point of surrendering to Olism in left politics. Bhusal was the great dissent voice in the CPN UML which Oli sought to suppress until just before the Election 2022.

Bhusal pumped fresh air into Unified Socialist which failed to get votes enough to emerge as a national party in the House of Representative. Media analysts predict that the next five years will be different in Nepali politics because of constant and consistent push from the youths. “Leaders will have to listen to them ultimately in the broad interest of their parties.’