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Indigenous knowledge needs to be capitalised: Minister Paudel

The Nepal Weekly
December 20, 2022

Indigenous Nationalities Commission has organised an interaction programme in Lalitpur.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Devendra Paudel, on the occasion, said that knowledge of indigenous communities need to be capitalized for laying foundation for prosperity.

He also said that research could be done on the past knowledge and skills to enrich culture. It finally contributes to national prosperity, he added. “Culture is associated with civilization,” he said, adding that culture is identity as well, so protection of culture and civilization is equally imperative. He suggested that even the universities should launch research on such important issues.

On the occasion, chairman of Tharu Commission, Bishnu Prasad Chaudhary, viewed we need to accept and protect diversity as property. He worried why diversity is not taken as strength in Nepal. Chaudhary also stressed that language and culture of indigenous people need due respect and protection.

On the occasion, National Assembly Member Suresh Ale Magar, viewed the formation of Commission on Indigenous Nationalities is an indicator of the success of the indigenous people’s struggle.

Similarly, Chancellor of Gandaki Province University, Prof Dr Ganesh Man Gurung, said that the Commission should work as per spirit of the struggle of indigenous people.

Vice Chairman of Indigenous People’s Foundation, Gokul Gharti Magar, expressed belief that the conference would deliberate on the skills, knowledge and economic development of the indigenous people.

Vice Chancellor of the Open University, Shilu Manandhar Bajracharya, opined that the formal education could recognize the indigenous language and literature.

Commission’s Chairman Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar viewed time has come to mainstream indigenous people’s knowledge and skills. He argued that 90 percent of Nepali cuisines are based on indigenous knowledge.

Indigenous Nationalities Commission (INC) is a constitutional body with the provision of constitution of Nepal, 2015 (Part 27, other Commission Article 261). The Article 261 of Nepal Constitution defines INC. The Commission was established in 2018. The functions and duties of INC are to conduct study and research work for protect the rights and interest of indigenous nationalities.