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Malta, Romania, Croatia becoming new destination for Nepali workers

The Nepal Weekly
November 29, 2022

Nepali workers, earlier going to the Middle East and Malaysia for foreign jobs, have started choosing Malta, Rome and Croatia (Crosia) as new destinations. These countries have become new destinations for Nepali migrant workers as the wages and facilities there are attractive. According to the data of the Department of Foreign Employment, 5,997 Nepalese have come to Romania for foreign employment in the last 6 months alone. 4,256 have reached Croatia, while 3,431 Nepali workers have reached Malta. Similarly, during the same period, two thousand two hundred and eighty Nepalese workers reached Cyprus according to the department’s data.

 Nepali workers who are making the Gulf countries a major destination have recently been attracted to European and African countries. In European countries, Malta, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Turkey and other countries have started to be chosen by Nepali youth. Similarly, the attraction of Nepali workers in African countries including Mauritius and Seychelles has started to increase. According to the data of the department, during the last 6 months, 228 Nepali workers have reached Mauritius for employment, while 311 Nepali workers have reached Seychelles.

 The minimum income of Nepali workers in Gulf countries is 30 to 40 thousand per month. However, as one to one and half lakhs can be easily earned in European countries, the choice of Nepalese is about to change. In addition, while working in European countries, it has started to be preferred over the Gulf countries due to the fact that you can get PR of the respective country, you can take your family with you, etc.

 During the last 6 months, more than three and a half lakh Nepali workers have gone abroad for foreign employment. According to the data of Foreign Employment Department from May to October(Baishak to Asoj), 3 lakhs 72 thousand 354 youths have received work permit for foreign employment. During the last 6 months, 1 Lakhs 22 thousand 618 Nepali workers have reached Malaysia. Similarly, the number of Nepali workers going to the United Arab Emirates is 29,535. Likewise, two thousand seven hundred and eighty-six people have taken work permits from the department to go to Bahrain. 20 thousand 651 have taken approval for Kuwait employment. 1,656 Omani and 28,770 Nepali youths have received work permits from the department for employment in Qatar.