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Snow leopard photo is ‘fake’, say fact check experts

The Nepal Weekly
November 29, 2022

A photograph of Snow leopard in the Nepal Himalayas, which went much talked in media recently has been found to be ‘fake’. The photo said to be taken by Kittiya Pawlowski, an American photographer is proved fabricated, experts said. The fact check of the photo of a snow leopard taken in Nepal’s Everest region carried out by ‘Alpine International Magazine’ found that the photo was ‘fake’. The Alpine International Magazine is a magazine run by experts in mountain life, nature and photography. It has also expressed doubts whether Pawlowski is a photographer. The fact check says, “This is what usually happens in the world of mountain photography. But a novice photographer, a student photographer may be lucky to find such a scene.”

It further says, “And Pawlowski might even be lucky enough to find some snow leopard shots. Some people can barely catch a glimpse even after spending years in the Himalayas. But the problem lies in the nature of the photographs. His structure, the light, is in his place. The problem is the nature of the pictures, their composition, lighting, their location. In other words, their authenticity is in question.”

It said that Pawlowski ’s photographs are excellent, but they are not natural and are mostly created using software such as Photoshop.

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