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Voters! Thanks!


The Nepal Weekly
November 22, 2022

Nepal Election 2022 has cleared the way forward for the country’s next five years. If political parties particularly leaders and the old guards understand well the level of consciousness, responsibility and maturity Nepali voters evinced through their participation in the electoral process, there is a possibility of utilizing the opportunity for nation building. If they fail in this regard once again like in the past five years, very little could be expected in times to come. The same could be instrumental in worsening the country’s governance, development works and delivery of public services. Although the figure of people’s participation in parliamentary/provincial polls is comparatively low than in similar elections in the past and also low as compared to the recent local polls, the rate of participation should be appreciated. So many people thought it proper to move forward with constructive and positive outlook despite old leaders’ repeated nonperformance, drama for egoistic power-greed and accompanying corrupted approach. They considered it important to cast vote irrespective of mass frustration over political leaders and their non-impressive narrative, blame-game, reluctance to hand over power to new generation. Keeping the flame of electoral process alight, they thought, is one way of preserving hope for future. That is why all Nepali voters should be thanked today for their final touch to completion of electoral process 2022. The ball of decision that people, the base of Nepal’s sovereignty, had received has now been returned to the politicos. How they build on the ball in future is to be seen. Another significant point that the Nepal Election 2022 has strongly indicated is: democratic institutions in the country, when trusted, resourced fairly, and not interfered by politicos, could perform well and democratically for the betterment of the country. As for example the way the Election Commission manned with success and appropriate transparency three level polls with a sense of responsibility and fairness within months of the year deserves praise. Other democratic institutions including constitutional bodies also have the same capacity. But because of continued political interference they have not been able to perform better over the years. As new set-up in parliament, provinces, governments and the highest post of president, vice-president and government emerges, all concerned should bear in mind that one of their duties is to allow the constitutional bodies and democratic institutions function independently and without any political interference. The same will add strength to noble cause of nation building. In the meanwhile, Voters! Thank you for creating opportunity for that through gentle responding to the call of Nepal Election 2022!