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Digital spending in elections

The Nepal Weekly
November 22, 2022

Candidates contesting the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections have spent more than one crore rupees on digital campaigning through the social media site Facebook in two months. Parties and candidates from various platforms of social media have spent Rs. 1,04, 46,400 in two months on advertisement promotion on Facebook alone.

According to the ad library report of the ‘Ad Transparency Tool’ implemented by Facebook’s Meta Company in Nepal since September 7, 80 thousand 216 dollars were spent on election-related advertisements until November 17, before the silent period began. In this, 97 lakhs 43 thousand 357 rupees (74 thousand 616 US dollars) have been spent by the party and candidates alone. Out of this amount, there are 180 parties and candidates who spend more than 100 dollars.

Shree Gurung, an independent candidate from Kathmandu 5, is on the top position in promoting advertisements on Facebook. Gurung, has spent 3,800 US dollar in just 25 days.