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Rojin Shakya to choreograph Int’l Heritage Pageants 2022

The Nepal Weekly
November 15, 2022

Nepalese International Fashion Choreographer and media person Rojin Shakya have been picked up as the choreographer and event host for the international pageant named Heritage Pageants 2022. The event is being presented by Singapore based Eplanet Pte Ltd., hosted by CMK Beauty Empower Services, Malaysia, and would host Miss and Mrs. Heritage International 2022 in Malaysia.

The Fifth edition of the event is scheduled to kick off from the 14th of November and conclude on the 20th of November 2022 in Malaysia . The finale of the event would be showcased at Mega Star Arena located at Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of November 2022. This edition of the event would be having more than forty beauties from different corners of the world to compete for Miss and Mrs. Heritage International 2022. The pageant premiered in Nepal back in the year 2014 while its second, third and fourth edition was showcased in India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore respectively.

Rojin Shakya has been working as a freelance fashion choreographer for the last 24 years till this date. Choreographed and coordinated almost fourteen hundred events, that includes some three hundred numbers of fashion shows and remaining being the beauty pageants at the local, regional, national level and international levels. Extending hands at international pageants since 2014 this date for international events like Heritage Pageants, Miss Mermaid Singapore, and Model Superstar Mumbai. Shakya has received multiple awards in the multitasking aspects in the field of fashion and media both at national and international level. He has been decorated with the Best Entrepreneur in Multi Task Personality of the year awards at International Prestige Brand Award 2018, Malaysia, Mr. Versatile of the year awards at National Youth Lead Awards 2019, Kathmandu, Outstanding International Choreographer excellence award at International Excellence Award 2019, Malaysia, International Professional Fashion Choreographer Achievement Award 2019 at International Professional Achievement Award 2019, Dubai.