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100 years old Pokharel challenges Prachanda in Gorkha -2

The Nepal Weekly
November 8, 2022

Hundred year old freedom fighter, who is a former Nepali Congress cadre, has been contesting election challenging former Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” from Gorkha district constituency No. 2 in the November 20 Parliamentary elections.

Tika Dutta Pokharel, born in GOrkha district and currently residing in Chitawan district, who filed candidacy from Gorkha – 2 constituency along with 11 other candidates against CPN- Maoist Centre chairman Prachanda, celebrated his 100th birth day on Monday, according to Sushil Man Serchan, President of Nepali Congress (BP), a breakaway faction of ruling Nepali Congress. The Election Commission has registered his name as the candidate from Gorkha district – 2 with his age 99, who turned 100 on Monday.

His health is sound, can walk and talk very well and active in politics, says Serchan, adding

 he has three sons and four daughters. Pokharel is contesting the election for Parliament member on behalf of the Nepali Congress (BP) with the symbol water vessel. He is the oldest candidate contesting the November 20 elections. Nepal is witnessing elections for federal Paliament and provincial assembly in  single phase on November 20, 2022.

“There is no real leader in the country and those who claim themselves as leaders have come just to earn money,” Serchan quoted Pokharel as saying. “I have filed my candidacy to give rights to the people and to turn our country to a Hindu state again,” said Pokharel.

Talking to people, who came to his house to extend good wishes on his birth day Pokharel claimed that he will win the election by defeating Prachanda saying “the stone and soil of Gorkha know what kind of person I am, and the people are well aware about my opponent.”

“The leaders of this country have gone beyond the policy and principle and looted the country instead of serving the people,” remarked Pokharel.

He also criticized the ruling Nepali Congress Party saying that “how can the Nepali Congress make alliance with the Maoist party, who had targeted many leaders and cadres of the Nepali Congress during the decade long insurgency.” Prachanda is contesting the Parliamentary elections from Gorkha – 2 as the common candidate from the ruling alliance led by Nepali Congress