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EC fully prepared to conduct Nov. 20 elections peacefully: Thapaliya

The Nepal Weekly
November 8, 2022
Chief Election Commissioner Diniesh Kumar Ghimire

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya has said the Election Commission was all prepared to conduct the elections for the Member of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly in a peaceful, safe and credible manner. Voting for the twin elections is taking place in a single phase on November 20, 2022.    

Launching the Joint Election Operation Center at the Election Commission premises in Kathmandu on Monday, Thapaliya said the EC was all prepared to make the voting and the vote counts fully secured with the objective of making election results fully credible. 

“The newly designated polling centres are mandated to have direct and regular contact with the polling stations, take updates about whether employees reach the working stations and know about the situation of ongoing voter education at the local level.” Similarly, it is also authorised to ensure the implementation of the election code of conduct, maintain cooperation with the district-based election command cell, and cooperate and coordinate in safely organising polling and transporting ballot boxes after voting, he pointed out

The Center led by Commission’s secretary comprises a joint secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs and gazetted first- class employees from all four security bodies established as per the Election Security and Monitoring Directive.

During the Nov. 20 elections Nepal is set to directly elect a total of 275 members of the federal Parliament including 165 through direct voting and 550 members of the Provincial assemblies including 330 through direct voting.

Nepal government has stepped up security amidst threat by at least three smaller political groups including CPN-Maoist – Biplav to disrupt the elections.