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Nepalese models rock the runway of India International Fashion Week

The Nepal Weekly
November 8, 2022

India International Fashion Week, IIFW has been successfully concluded in Lucknow, India. Hosted on 15th and 16th of October 2022, the event featured exclusive collection from various fashion designers from different parts of India,, Nepal and Bangladesh. Among various runway performers, the four of them were from Nepal who captured the eyes of the audience through their fabulous performances.

The four of them were Dikpal Karki, Priya Rani Lama, Ankeey Sethi and Chandrakala Katuwal. Among them Dikpal Karki, a well-known Nepalese runway, actor, television presenter, fashion choreographer and the winner of Mister Model of the World 2018, whereas Priya Rani Lama is a popular runway model, actor, television presenter, fashion choreographer and the winner of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2019.

On the other hand, Ankeey Miss Asia Global Nepal 2022 and the runner-up for The Fleek Model 2022 while Chandrakala Katuwal is also the runway model and actor paralleling moving with modeling and acting.

The Nepalese models performed for SG creation by Nepalese designer Sooyam Gurung, Designer from Banaras, India Sana Akhtar, Designer from Bangladesh Sumon Hossain, Designer from Banaras, India Shamshad Alam, Designer from Mumbai, India Prashant Majumdar etc. (By Rojin Shakya)