May 22, 2024, Wednesday
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EC to remove candidates from proportional list if they didn’t pay required fine 

The Nepal Weekly
October 18, 2022

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to cancel the candidature of those who failed to produce  their expenses details during the local level polls, if they are found to be on the proportional list for the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies elections.

The commission has notified that the candidates who have not submitted their expenses details after running in the local level elections cannot be a proportional candidates for the House of Representatives and provincial assembly elections.

Similarly, EC has asked the people who were candidates during local level election but haven’t submitted expenses details and are candidates in the proportional quota to pay the fine by October 22. The commission said that only if the fine is paid within the specified time will the proportional candidacy be maintained, and if otherwise, their names will be removed from the list.