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11th Nepal-European Union Film Festival from Kartik 11 to 22 

The Nepal Weekly
October 18, 2022

The 11th Nepal European Union Film Festival will be held from 11th to 22nd Kartik this year. Thirteen European and 3 Nepali films will be screened at the festival, which will be organized in a hybrid (physical and virtual) style. It is said that this festival will be held at Film Development Board from 11th to 15th Kartik and from 19th to 22nd it will be held at Midwest University, Surkhet. The organizers also informed that since there are not many activities in Karnali province, this time the program is being organized keeping this in mind. 

Among European films, ‘Gods of Molenbeek’ directed by Rita Hutanen, ‘Lola’ directed by Laurent Micheli and Oscar and ‘Oscar and Lily’ directed by Arash T Riahi will be screened with Nepali subtitles. The film ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’ recommended by Nepal for Oscar this year will also be seen by the audience at this festival. Another two Nepali films to be screened during the festival include ‘At Another Winter’ directed by Kiran Shrestha and ‘Gorkha Girls’ directed by Vishal Rocca Magar. 

The festival will be inaugurated by showing ‘Gods of Molenbeek’. There are also various interactive programs at the festival. Gai Borle and Ulasa Gurung from Europe will conduct the program in an interaction about the use of archives in film production. Hugo Mays and Roshni Adhikari will conduct the program on ‘How films can contribute to environmental protection’. The third program will be moderated by Theresa Hoffert de Turegano and Anup Paudel. On the last day of the program, Sujit Bidari, the director of ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’, will conduct a master class in Surkhet. Actress Kiki Adhikari is the goodwill ambassador of the festival.