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Winning people’s trust: the challenge!

The Nepal Weekly
September 13, 2022

By TNW correspondent

The ruling alliance and the opposition party are close to finalizing their poll-partnership with like-minded parties keeping in view the target of benefitting most in the General and provincial elections. But winning people’s trust could prove to be the challenge for them, said a senior politico in Kathmandu.

Even for seasoned leaders embracing win in polls appears to be a struggle this time. Because of what they did in politics in the past five years and because of their failure to bring about stability in politics in the past decade or so, some leaders will not have a rosy walk forward in the elections, warned a senior parliamentarian.

“There is a move against the senior leaders in various constituencies and people appear to have been fed up with the in-party-fight that they witnessed in the past five years,” observed a media analyst. “Presenting acceptable rationale for renewing faith in such leaders in the elections is being difficult day by day. Some top leaders might lose this time.”

Youth leaders in old parties such as Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Maoist Centre are emerging popular in light of what they did and said during the party conventions some months ago. They have chances to win, opined a senior parliamentarian. “Unlike in the polls independent candidates will not be able to perform well in the parliamentary and provincial polls.”

Sensing the rather not encouraging political ground scenario some leaders have begun to talk of another round of political movement for good governance and better election system immediately after the polls. “People, according to analysts, are not ready for that sort of movement; what they want is to institutionalize the federal system practiced as per constitution in the past five years.”

The general elections and provincial polls which are just some two months away will actually test the strength of political parties and leaders. According to a media analyst, “they will indicate the exact position of old parties and bring about a new era in Nepali politics.”