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Farmers will get all facilities digitised soon

The Nepal Weekly
August 30, 2022

The secretary at Nepal Government Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Dr. Govinda Prasad Sharma stated that all facilities to be provided to farmers set to be digitised.

He was speaking of Friday at a discussion programme on Way forward on agricultural credit flow. He said that currently the software development for this purpose is in progress.

There is wider criticism on distribution of subsidies, agricultural credits and other facilities that Government is providing to the farmers are not appropriately distributed. The digitised system will help monitor the distribution and appropriateness. Therefore the facilities provided should be digitised, he stressed. 

Agriculture sector has various challenges. There are risks also. Farmers are not getting crops according to investment. Thus, the Government has been providing subsidy, support and facilities to the farmers, he added.

On the occasion representatives of banks and financing institutions also commented on the need and usefulness of digitisation on facilities and credits to the farmers. The banks and financing institutions have been stressing the need of digitisation for better and effective financial facilities the Government provides to farmers. 

Reports say that demand of agricultural credit is expanding in the later phase. Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of the country states that the volume of the credit demand per year has reached around 1 trillion rupees currently.