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Police arrest so called comedian Singh over racist remarks

The Nepal Weekly
August 30, 2022

So called comedian Apurba Kshitiz Singh was arrested after complaints were lodged against him for making racist remarks in a standup comedy show published.

Superintendent of Police Dinesh Raj Mainali at Metropolitan Police Kathmandu Range has informed that Singh was taken into custody after numerous complaints were filed against him for passing derogatory comments over culture and tradition and racial discrimination.

Some activists had filed a complaint against so called comedian Singh in Kathmandu for passing racially discriminatory comments in his comedy show over the Newa people, indigenous residents of Kathmandu.

Hundreds had taken to social media to take action against Singh. Over a dozen activists had reached the premises of Kathmandu Police at Teku on Saturday and demanded action against him. A written FIR has also been filed against Singh said SP Mainali.

“We arrested Singh acting over the written and verbal complaints filed against him for hurting the sentiments of a community. We are investigating into the case as per complaints,” SP Mainali added.

On a YouTube channel of Comedy Café, a platform for standup comedians in Nepal, comedian had made jokes about ‘Newar tradition’ especially about the accent of Newar people their food and culture. A short clip of the video went viral on Facebook where comedian faced the wrath of the native people. After receiving widespread criticism the video was removed from the YouTube channel. Singh also apologised for the comment through a video.