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Dikshya wants to be a unique fashion designer

The Nepal Weekly
August 16, 2022

Dikshya Pandey is currently pursuing Third Year’s fashion design course of Bachelor’s Degree in Namuna College of Fashion Technology. Besides being a student of fashion design, Diksha, 23, is also working in pharmacy side by side.

She has recently won the Best Dress competition during an internal designing completion organized by the college. At the Bachelor’s Studies, the curriculum includes, garment technology embroidery currently studying Fashion Technology Third Year in Namuna College. The fashion design course includes clothing technology, garment technology, embroidery, apparel designing and fashion history among others, according to Dikshya.

“I have won Best Dress Award during the internal competition at my college,” says Dikshya during a brief encounter with The Nepal Weekly. The theme of the dress she had designed and put on was peacock and its colours include blue, maroon  green during the show. The dress was made from tissue fabric, which also includes a mask, designed by herself.

“I have been interested in designing clothes since my childhood,” says Dikshya. My mother’s occupation is tailoring and I have been inspired by her works, she adds.  She is interested in designing party wears and gowns. “Besides fashion designing I have also been working in pharmacy,” says Dikshya, who is associated with National Center for Rheumatic Diseases. She has already done a pharmacy course before joining fashion studies. Her aim is to become a fashion designer. “I want to be unique fashion designer,” remarked Dikshya. Social service is another field which interests her. I am also interested in doing social works, voluntary service. Her hobbies include dancing, singing, traveling and reading novels.