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Boating begins at Budhi Lake

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

Boating services have been launched in Budhi Lake of Buddhabhumi Municipality-4, Kapailvastu with the help of Lumbini Provincial Ministry of Tourism, Rural and Urban Development to promote tourism.

Minister for Tourism, Rural and Urban Development Rina Nepal and Mayor of the municipality Keshav Kumar Shrestha had jointly inaugurated the boating service.

According to Roshan Prasad Tamrakar, engineer of the ministry, the ministry had invested a total of Rs. 2,696,000 for tourism development of Budhi Lake. At present four boats are being operated in the lake, two motor-driven and two pedal-driven, costing  Rs. 800,000.

Minister Nepal expressed the view that it was a good initiative taken by the municipality for the development of tourism business. The provincial government had allocated Rs. 6 million for the development of Budhi Lake in the current fiscal year, according to Minister Nepal  

Mayor Shrestha said that they had planned to invest Rs. 1 billion  after preparing DPR of the Budhi Lake and this project has been put in the pride projects of the municipality. “We will attract tourists by making the lake beautiful and enchanting,” he said.

On that occasion, Mukti Prasad Pandey, head of Tourism Division Office, Rupandehi, said that the attraction of Budhi Lake, which has four ponds spread over 80 bighas, has increased after the operation of boats. He said that the lake should be made more organised and beautiful. 

For the overall development of the lake and income generation, the municipality has given responsibility of management of the lake to the Budhi locals. The locals have been benefitted from the lake by generating income from fish farming as well as hatching chickens, ducks and goats.