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Tourism Minister Shrestha inspects cleaning campaign at Pashupati

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Jeevan Ram Shrestha has observed and inspected the Pashupatinath Temple area. Minister Shrestha visited various places in Pashupati area and took stock of the situation and acquired information about its management. Minister Shrestha had a walking tour of heritage sites that are being reconstructed including, Vishwarupa Temple, Mrigasthali, Selshmantak Forest, various Math shrines, Stupas, Sattal etc.

 On that occasion, Shrestha instructed the Pashupati Area Development Trust to pay attention to the cleanliness of Pashupati Area and temple premises. He directed the concerned bodies to arrange all the matters in such a way that the devotees, pilgrims, pedestrians and tourists feel comfortable. He also inquired about the progress made in the reconstruction of Lichhahavi period Vishwarupa temple located in Mrigasthali area. Stating that the Pashupati area of cultural and archaeological importance is in the form of an open museum, he emphasized that attention should be paid to safety, conservation and cleanliness.

 Minister Shrestha also got information about the Ghat management and directed concerned people to provide smooth service by managing water, electricity and public toilets. The government has also been implementing the Pashupati area improvement program as a project of national pride. According to Dr. Milan Kumar Thapa, member secretary of the fund, said that a major improvement program and reconstruction work is underway in Pashupati area.