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Tourism Minister Shrestha participates in Gunla festival at Swoyambhu

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Jeevan Ram Shrestha on Monday participated in the Gunla cultural ritual and circumambulated the Swoyambhu Mahachaitya stupa.   

During this month-long ritual, the Buddhist devotees go round the Mahachaitya accompanied with traditional music players. Minister Shrestha paid obeisance to the Lord Buddha and circumambulated the temple in this connection.  

This festival not only belongs to the Newar community but is a historic festival of all Nepalis, remarked minister Shrestha on the occasion. This Gunla festival has a special significance in the Buddhist tradition in Kathmandu.   

Musical instruments such as Dhime Nagara, Naykhin, Damakhin, Dabdab, Bhridanga, Pau Picha, and Kwacha (Khin) are played and special worships are performed during the month of Gunla festival.

The devotees follow the people playing the traditional musical instruments and singing hymns during the ‘Gunla’ procession that circumambulates the Swoyambhu Mahachaitya.

This festival has helped preserve the various traditional musical instruments and the native culture as well, pointed out minister Shrestha. He sought for cooperation from all sides for keeping this tradition alive.