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World Newah Organization observes 4th international convention

The Nepal Weekly
August 9, 2022

The Newars settled elsewhere in the world are gathering in New York observing the 4th international convention of World Newah Organization (WNO). The event that commenced on the 6th August is scheduled to conclude on 8th. Popular comedian, actor and singer   Madan Krishna Shrestha participated in the event as a guest of honour.

Karma, a film made in Newari language was also screened on the occasion while Madan Krishna Shrestha and Yaman Shrestha entertained the audience by performing songs.

Motivational speech by Dr.Mahabir Pun, Sarana Shrestha, Yoga session by Amit Ranjit and speeches of various leading personalities actively working on the Newars’ welfare in various countries also included in the scheduled programme.

A fashion show was also a part of the convention which drew controversies on fashion designs breaching ethical values of the Newars common practices.

WNO is an institution for the unity of the Newars settled in other countries. The organization has a set of objectives for the unity and welfare of the Newars. That includes social, cultural and economic cooperation among the Newars. Focus on uniting the Newars around the world in a democratic forum and alliance with purpose to support and help our compatriots in Nepal in their struggle for achieving their aspirations and dreams for freedom and human rights and overall development in every aspects of their daily life is one aspect. To preserve and conserve the unique cultural treasures and heritage of the Newars and bring it to the people of the world so that they can know and appreciate personalities who has made their due contribution to the larger human society is also an objective.