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Metropolitan City Mayors Meet in Pokara

The Nepal Weekly
August 2, 2022

The meeting of mayors and deputy mayors of the metropolitan city in Pokharastarted on Friday concluded on Saturday.

Mayors, deputy mayors, and chief officers of 6 metropolitan cities – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Biratnagar, Bharatpur, Pokara and Birgunj – discussed on the operation of the local government, and learning of the mayor, and deputy mayors. The meeting also discussed on complications arose during the dealing with the federal, provincial and local governments.

In the conference, the mayors of the metropolitan cities discussed limitations of the existing laws. They said that the laws require amendment. They demanded that a separate law should be formulated by the federal parliament for the metropolises.

The conference has also put forward a plan to establish ‘Metropolitan Forum Nepal’. It is mentioned that through the Metropolitan Forum Nepal, mutual support and cooperation will be carried out by promoting mutual contacts and networks among the metropolises respecting and addressing the specific natural, cultural and social fundamental characters and problems and possibilities of the metropolitan cities. It is mentioned that there is solidarity in speeding up the pace of formulation and implementation of metropolitan policies and plans. It has also been decided to form a policy and planning commission in every metropolis to ensure orderly urbanization, fact-based policy making and an effective and accountable implementation system. It is also mentioned that policies will be made in harmony with the federal and provincial planning process and methodology by forming the Policy and Planning Commission.