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Youths hopeful for chance in polls

The Nepal Weekly
July 26, 2022

By TNW correspondent

Youths in all political parties today appear to be more hopeful for opportunities to fight for seats in federal parliament – House of Representatives – and provincial assemblies in the general elections in November. Their optimism is based on major findings of various parties that the incumbent may not be able to perform better in polls.

Although the findings are not made public insiders assert that the major decisions of the parties would take them seriously as they finalize candidature for polls. The findings, according to a media analyst, is a routine internal observation made by parties on the eve of elections. They give general perception to decision makers about the general scenario obtaining in various constituencies.

Most parties usually decide on candidature on the basis of loyalty to leadership, dedication to the cause of the party, individual political standing in the constituency concerned and general acceptability specific to the polls. Youths or second generation leaders, this time, could be picked up because of their contribution to the cause of the parties.

The ruling alliance, the opposition party CPNUML, and other parties will also approach candidature this time emphasizing the second generation leaders. Whether that will include more opportunities for women leaders or not cannot be predicted at this time, said a senior leader. “Women will get chances but their number this time may be limited as compared to that of the past.”

As for the poll partnership among political parties, the scenario of the local elections may be repeated, said a leader adding “some constituency-specific arrangements will be done by individual parties while major decisions on candidates will be part of the joint decision.”

One media analyst said all top leaders will be candidates and alliance-efforts will be made for making them win. “The same will be applicable to the candidature for HoR and Provincial Assemblies.”